Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been afflicted by a common malady of recent that has prevented me from updating this blog. That ailment is commonly known by most as laziness.

So there I've said it. I've stumbled into a state of inertia which was caused by various factors. Work being one of them. Also that there was quite a bit of hours spending time shuttling in transit between Kadrin Valley and Reikland and Eataine and well.....that's that. I'm not doing those today, which is the reason why I'm here typing this.

I've been out eating still if anyone was wondering. It's mostly been some of the same old stuff that I've mentioned before and a place call Wan Tou Shek which turned out to be quite nice. Have actually been there two or three times in the past month so I guess I'm quite liking it. Along with the durian trip across the road after that for some rather expensive Mau Shan Wangs. Otherwise, it was mostly a bunch of noodle craving that led me back to Tai Hwa where a fortunate case of running out of mee pok led me to ordering the mee kia version with extra minced meat. And a bowl of meatballs. Firm noodles with the spicy fishy vinegar toss....... good stuff here still.

The noodle binge included more minced pork noodles from Fei Xiong at the basement of Junction 8 and a leap back to QQ Noodle House which has really lousy char siew, but tasty noodles which made me forgive the other things that I didn't quite like. And even more minced meat noodles from the little food centre at Holland Village. And then there was also the potato noodles from Lai Lai. Or the Northern Chinese hand cut noodle thingy with braised beef and tendons from Crystal Jade La Mien place. Plus a return back to the same restaurant, but in another outlet for their rendition of the Dan Dan Mien which paled in comparison with Yoshimaru Ramen Bar and Ichibantei.

Still on the thread of noodles, one of my favourite duck places formerly known as Circular Sumptious Square has rechristened itself into Cookalicious Sumptious Square. I don't know what prompted the change in that name but the shop has gotten renovations and felt a little less imbued with the spirit of the former setup as an old trusty roast meat stall. Still the food was enjoyable the same. Prices haven't changed if my memory serves me.

Like I said, basically re-visits and oodles of noodles.

I'll stop short of talking about a rather disappointing and unsatisfying visit to Aston Prime. So here's one month of catchup for you.

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red fir said...

Nice summary, the 1st picture is very nicely taken. I'm actually more interested to hear about that visit to Astons Prime.