Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More circular sumptuousness...

I suppose it was the inevitable thing that I returned to Circular Sumptuous Square for more of their mouthwatering greasy duck. To put things into some limited perspective, the duck here was good in the greasy fatty way which wasn't quite matched by places like Sin Sian Yuen down at Chong Pang or Jin Xing which serves them dry and in heartier chunks. That's not to say at all that the mentioned places weren't good, but they were just different, and tasty in their own ways especially if you liked your duck free of sauces and in larger slices.

This time round, I gave a pass on the rice option and decided to give their noodles a short instead. Which turned out to be a good call for that matter as the noodles here were springy with bite and delicious on the whole. No more rice for me here. The accompanying sauce was just decent while the chilli on the side made them better. For me, the texture of those noodles did it more than anything else about them.

I found the salty preserved vegetables (mui choi or mei chai) with some pieces of pork belly which was available from the stall pretty tasty and serves as a good compliment to the main orders. I suppose this could be a note to myself that it's something I could consider again the next time.

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