Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup, Sembawang Hill Food Centre

This place (590 Upper Thomson Road, #01-36 Sembawang Hill Food Centre, S574419) is a little hideaway for fish soup introduced to me by a friend which we could go to, off the lunch hour since that time of the day does away with the horrendous queue under the usual relentless and sweltering humidity of the afternoon.

We normally grab the fish soup with instant noodle option and I like mine with an additional topping of fish eggs. I couldn't really say what is truly compelling for me in this particular stall. Perhaps, it was the clear tasting soup lightly flavored with pepper, garlic and fried shallots that could be spiced up with accompanying chilli padi. Perhaps, it was the rustic looking and fresh tasting fish slices and curly instant noodle. Not that those noodles were undercooked as I normally would enjoy them. But I've always found this stall to be a nice sanctuary for a late lunch.


D said...

Did you see that funky machine the owner has that dispenses his change?

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeah, this guy has some custom gadgets he's put up and it does more than just dispense change. There was something that even dispensed chopped spring onions.

Quirky setup there.

Miss Tam Chiak said...

i visit this stall almost every saturday and there's always a long long long queue. i also order the maggi mee fish soup and my boss always wonder why i would spend my time and money queuing for maggi mee. i must say the fish is really fresh and the boss always lets me play with his fried garlic despenser! LOL

ratatouille said...

this is a nice fish soup stall. thanks for sharing!