Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tai Dong Teochew Braised Duck Rice, Lorong Telok

I'm not normally one for braised ducks because of the flat pieces of meat and the boring starchy gravy, but Tai Dong's (No 9 Lorong Telok, City Front Kopitiam, tel : +65 6532 3226) Teochew styled braised duck was a different beast altogether. For starters, the sauce accompanying the duck was a flavorful herbal concoction that tasteed much better than the gooey ones commonly available everywhere else.

Boiled peanuts which I normally don't pay much attention to. I still don't.

Their take on simmered cabbages was excellent, redolent in the flavors in both the aroma and taste of dried shrimps. We enjoyed this so much that we ordered another after another. Three plates of them (amongst 4 of us) if you had lost count.

When one opts for sides along with the duck, the livers, tau kwa and boiled eggs should never be forgotten. These items contribute to the heartiness of the meal. I have little doubt that the eggs and liver helped to the "hearty" effect. The soft and piping hot bean curd paired up excellently with the herbal sauces that came with them.

The main stay of the braised duck here as I've mentioned was the flavorful herbal sauce that comes with the bird. Notice that the skin of the duck is much darker than the common braised ducks.

Rice with that meal that made me eat more of my usual intake of carbs. It's the gravy's fault.

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