Thursday, June 03, 2010

Your Woul, Goldhill Centre

Your Woul
We liked the food at this place (165 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, tel : +65 6251 0123) enough that we came back for seconds on the very next day to do dinner again. The crowd on the weeknights helped convince us that we were eating at some place right.  But service sure did become very spotty once it got crowded. It was rather difficult to get any attention during those peak hours, especially with the refills of the banchan. There was definitely some preferential treatment going on around here. I'm serious.

Service aside, the food was unpretentiously hearty. A couple of notables from the banchan included the smoky sweet radish and fragrant fried anchovies. I haven't yet mastered the subtleties of kimchi. To me they were pretty much just a variation of different levels of sour and spiciness, so I couldn't really comment if it was good.

Your Woul, banchan
1st night

Your Woul, kimchi jigaeYour Woul, al bap
We opted for a kimchi jigae and a aal-bab set. The latter a stone rice bowl that came topped with what looked like tobiko. I guess what I liked about the spicy kimchi soup was the bodied aroma apart from just the obvious sour and spicy flavours. It was almost like there was miso in them. The aal-bab was a reminiscence of Chinese claypot rice with a medley of flavour from the pickled vegetables, seaweed and burnt bits of rice off the sides. Apart from the occasional pop between the teeth, I couldn't get much out of the fish roe.

2nd night

Your Woul, dong tae tangYour Woul, octopus
On the returning night, we grabbed a dong tae tang which was a pollack soup and a spicy stew of baby octopuses and pork belly. Beside the hassle of having to remove endless amounts of fine fish bones off the pollack, the food was all tasty with the sweet and savoury almost miso like quality of the soup filled with the big headed bean sprouts which I liked. Same for the nutty and spicy gravy which the sliced pork belly and octopus came in. The gravy from the latter made me order extra portions of rice.

I would love to come by for more of the food here. But I suppose it is time for me to give the other places a chance.


Melissa Lim said...

that looks positively scrumptious - but most importantly, was it? ^ _ ^

LiquidShaDow said...

It definitely was so and left us wanting for more. :)