Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lunching at Your Woul

Your Woul
Headed back to Your Woul to try their lunch sets priced at $9.90 and landed ourselves a heo dup bab and a jab che bab. These items turned out to be pretty good. The former was almost a riot of flavors (in a good way) from the fish roe, seaweed, sesame seeds and what tasted to me like some sort of powdery fish floss. I definitely would have loved for this to be in larger portions.

The jab che bab set as I've learn from previous experience were glass noodles and some assorted vegetables that came with rice. The rendition of the jab che here was savory and peppery compared to the ones done at Arirang. I couldn't say which one was better since I enjoyed them both.

I'm starting to like the chilled cinnamon and ginger date tea stuff that they serve at the end of meals.

Your Woul, japchae bap

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D said...

What I really miss here is a good nasi lemak with sambal, anchovies and a fried chicken wing. The one from Adam Road would suffice!