Sunday, April 01, 2012

Australia Dairy Company, Jordan, Hong Kong

Australia Dairy Company, scrambled eggs bread marcaroni

We hit this place (47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, tel : +852 2730 1356) for a quick breakfast after hearing about their vibrantly sunny and fluffy scrambled eggs which was part of a breakfast set that could be had for HKD26.

Those nicely seasoned scrambled eggs they had were pretty damned good and definitely hit the spot for an morning empty stomach. If not for anything else, they (and the milk tea) were worth the trip. We were pretty fortunate to have arrived just before the queue started getting long. But it seemed that the turn over was pretty fast driven by the efficient floor staff managing orders, servings and seatings.

Australia Dairy Company, Jordan, Hong Kong


red fir said...

I thought the scrambled eggs here are just okayyy, nothing out-of-the-world extraordinary. Some breakfast places in sg can do the same or even better. Check out Food for Thought for their scrambled eggs.

LiquidShaDow said...

Hmmmm, I actually found them better than most I've had in sg. But then, I might not have been eating at the same places as you have.

Junie said...

i love their eggs! i duno why its just eggs but their eggs are really damn nice! one of the best scrambled eggs i've had!

ah Teo said...

yes, i totally agree with u that their scrambles are scrumptious! wish I had more of them!