Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back in Kushigin


Kushigin has always been pretty respectable for kushiyaki. The experience here has always been along the lines of 'not bad' rather than 'wow!'. Unlike Kazu which just does a better grill and has a larger variety on a menu that seems more interesting. Food at Kazu also tastes like it's a little bit more on the edge and they give the feel that they're a couple of steps up ahead of Kushigin. That applies even to the bill you're expected to pay at the end.

This place as I perceive it, has always been second fiddle. Little brother to the best. Which reminds me, it's been more than 2 years since I've visited big brother. Time to make plans soon.

Kushigin, otoshi

Kushigin, cuttlefish tentacles
deep fried cuttlefish legs

Kushigin, asparagus pork belly
pork wrapped asparagus

Kushigin, kurobuta shimeiji
kurobuta wrapped shimeiji

Kushigin, ankimo

Kushigin, reba
chicken livers

Kushigin, bacon oysters
bacon wrapped oysters

Kushigin, mentaiko cabbage
cabbages stir fried with mentaiko

Kushigin, yakitori
chicken skin and chicken gizzard 

 Kushigin, wagyu 
grilled wagyu

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