Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kazu Sumiyaki 2008

The main reason for this visit to Kazu (5 Koek Road, #04-05 Cuppage Plaza, tel: 6734 2492) apart from the great grills was the attempt to get some more of their seasonal items from their menu for the winter harvest before it goes away soon. Primarily it would be their creamy anko kimo (angler fish liver) which I rather enjoyed. I'm sure a lot been said in this blog about most of the regular items that we tend to order from our previous visits, so the pictures will be doing the majority of the telling. Despite that, I find myself discovering new things every time we visit. One of the discoveries was that the owner and chef was apparently a star of a certain Japanese drama serial before turning his chef skills of 13 years into use in this restaurant. What we also noticed from the regular items, was that the fatty pork with apple have gotten larger pieces of apple in the skewers and a more flavorful apple sauce over the top which was a good thing. The lamb chops were still as tender, oily and full of flavor from the charcoal grill. Chicken hearts were as chewy and well salted as I remember them and the hot, soft foie gras sticks were still dripping with heart clogging oil. Oh, did I mention too that Kazu also has oysters and they're still filled with briny juices in each bite, sweet potato's as sweet and fragrant and I remembered them with that awesome butter melt and the crunchy prawn and scallops in pork belly that hasn't disappointed yet even once.

uni tofu with ikura

anko kimo

asparagus in pork belly

kurobuta pork

avocado in pork belly


chicken with mentaiko

chicken hearts

chicken skins

foie gras

fatty pork with apple

shishamo tempura

oysters in bacon

cheese hotate

lamb chop

sweet potato

australian wagyu tongue

scallop and prawn in bacon

...and finally, the score cup

Some items were apparently new on the menu and the choices are still dizzying. Previously a salmon tofu with ikura has become a uni tofu with ikura. I thought that the salmon rendition was more flavourful in comparison with the current uni version which didn't quite carry the flavor of the sea urchin across. This was especially so when paired up with those ikuras that were firm and bursting with flavour. We also had a tasty avocado wrapped in pork belly that held up pretty good on it's own, some pretty good grilled halibut and chicken skewers with a generous portion of mentaiko. The cheese hotate didn't turn up as cheesy as much as it was creamy and it probably would have been great if it was served hot rather than lukewarm. In spite of their fairly hefty prices, this joint still places the smile of satisfaction on my lips when I leave and that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

hey..not sure if u'll see this..i'm quite a fan of your blog..just wanna know what's the approx. bill for the things u ate at this restaurant..my gf and i are Japanese food lovers and would like to bring her there to try! thanks!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi there,

Prices here can be quite variable depending on what you order.

Double the portions of everything you see in this entry except for the anko kimo, shishamo tempura and cheese hotate. Add 2 glasses of Asahi. Total would be about $220. It was for 2 persons.

p. said...

haha. that was a veritable feast. i've never had a bad time there too. excellent joint :)