Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breakfast biscuit at Wendy's

Wendy's, breakfast biscuit

Following up from the offer in the previous week, this was what's available for $2.30 in the current. A rosemary chicken patty in some dense and not so crisp on the outside biscuit. And a cup of iced Milo. Interestingly, the biscuit was a little sweet in contrast with the salty chicken patty. The look and texture pretty much crushed my hopes of finding something similar to what McD used to offer a couple of decades back. 

In retrospect, the burrito tasted a lot better. This on the other hand was a lot more filling. Not that it really matters since I'm sure I will not be coming back for more. The blessing from this trip came in the form of a discovery that they're actually giving free Milo mugs for orders of breakfast that are on the regular menu.

If you're wondering why I'm writing about Wendy's breakfast all of the sudden, I could ask the same question of myself.

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