Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brunch @ Hummerstons

While the attempt was applaudable at least in concept, the outcome wasn't so and didn't quite work out for me. I don't see myself coming back (11 Unity Street, #02-14 Robertson Walk, tel : +65 6737 8863) for brunch.

The Montreal styled poutine was fries, gravy, some mushrooms and a small piece of  foie gras. The gravy was salty, but stingy in portions. It wasn't curd cheese that they had used and the portions were so miserable that you could sometimes taste, but not really see them. You know what I'm saying?

The country eggs benedict looked to be an interesting option but fell short in execution. Just like the poutine. The texture of the sausage gravy felt curdled. It tasted of a lot of nothing but cream. Seriously, the visual representations also hints that there was a whole lot of nothing in them but cream. Sausage bits aside. In a sad revelation, Popeye's biscuits tasted even better than these ones. The only thing that was done properly were the poached eggs. Not worth a third of what they had charged for these at all.

The Grecian squid looked like it had a lot of spices and a good accompanying sauce going on, but had about one tenth of the flavors that one would expect. There was little char on the squid and apart from being tender, was mostly devoided of flavors.

The mildly spicy deep fried fish was seriously nice and so was the tasty and tangy slaw; which could have helped the the fish tacos if they came in larger portions. But having large crispy corn tortillas to eat this with is a fucking stupid idea. Think tacos breaking apart and greasy fish and slaw falling all over your hands.

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candice said...

Feel the same about the country eggs Ben. Prob won't be back, considering the many other options nearby