Sunday, July 15, 2012

Limoncello Italian Pizza & Grill, Rivergate @ Robertson Quay

About the only thing I knew about Limoncello (95 Robertson Quay, #01-19/20 Rivergate, tel : +65 6634 5117) was that it was opened up by the chef that used to La Braceria. I remember having walked past the locale quite some time back and it had then been still the shop front of the previous occupant whom had subsequently gone out of business. Then a friend tipped me off and suggested that I give them a try.

We decided to give a poke on their antipasto Limoncello which turned out to be pretty enormous in portions. It was a pretty standard smorgasbord of cured meats that included salami, prosciutto di Parma, something else that might have been pancetta and a creamy burrata.  That and some tasty San Marzano tomatoes in olive oil and a spicy garlic toast. The cold cuts were aromatic and salty, cheese was milky rich which clicked with the rockets and the garlic bread was really delicious with the ham. Their unexpectedly large portions (which was described to be good for 2) was almost a meal for 2.

The inevitable comparison came about from their porcini and truffle risotto with the ones from La Braceria. This was pretty good and I had little reason to expect much discernable differences between the two. But if I had to say it, I think the latter had a stronger truffle flavour.

We had to pack half of their pizza della casa for take away because the antipasto and risotto already had us at the seams. Not to mention that this was one packed pizza with rolls of thinly sliced tenderloin and luxuriant amounts of mozzarella on top of a crust that was folding beneath all the weight of the toppings. The meat was unexpectedly tender and the portions altogether was generous on a not so thin and chewy crush. Della casa indeed, and a hearty one too. Will definitely consider this when I have a craving for pizza again.

Dessert was a crumbly Limoncello cake with almonds. Wasn't very exciting, didn't taste any of the liquor.

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Bern said...

Was the risotto good? I'm always on the lookout for good risottos!