Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bakmie Jakarta by Jiak Bak Mee, Killiney Road

Bakmie Jakarta by Jiak Bak Mee

This was interestingly. An Indonesian and halal rendition of ba chor mee that uses minced chicken instead of pork. The place (117a Killiney Road) also claims that their noodles are hand made daily. Hmmm......

I ordered one of their bakmie ayam specials which had a little bit of everything with their curly noodles in ketchup manis. First impression was that noodles were ok. I would love a little more bite in them. After finishing the noodles, I realised that I had totally forgotten about their home made chilli sauce that they had on every table.

Noodles aside, the only item that I really thought was good were their beef balls. The crispy wanton was simply just that. Didn't care for it. The fried chicken was puny and little to write home about. Portions as a whole was small for a hungry person and extra noodles costed a princely $1.50.

What I found myself liking that I had seconds of was their soda susu. Which was soda with condensed milk. Never had them before. It was the condensed milk that got me.

Would I eat here again? I suppose I wouldn't mind if I'm in the vicinity. The small portions here were still larger than the Kolo mee stall down the road which costed more and came in even smaller portions.

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red fir said...

You can easily make soda susu at home using cherryade & condensed milk haha. Or happy soda using bandung, condensed milk & soda. Soda susu and happy soda are actually very common in indo eateries here in sg like Ayam Bakar Ojolali & Es Teler (if it's still around).