Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ramen Keisuke Tori King,100AM

Much has probably been already said about Keisuke's Tori King (100 Tras Street, #03-15 100 AM, tel : +65 6604 6861) so I'm steering clear of any background behind the ramen-ya. What basially got my interest in this new joint was their third broth base (a chicken base this time, my only other experience with those was Marutama) that I am experiencing from Keisuke; the previous ones being the tonkotsu and even earlier, the "critically acclaimed" ebi broth.

Like the predecessor, Keisuke's Tori King provides several options to customise their bowl of ramen order for flavour, oil and noodle doneness. Free flow of spicy bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs are available as well. Here's a bowl of everything there is to include.

The Tori King ramen was a beast of it's own. For one, it was a lot less greasy in comparison with the Tonkotsu King. The broth was creamy and smooth with little particles and rich in the flavors of their chicken base. But I was a little disappointed with their hard option for noodles which bore little resemblance to textures that I had hope were closer to the Hakata styled ones by being less cooked. The chicken thigh which came with each bowl of their ramen had gone through an aburi treatment and was really fall off the bone tender.

The portions served here were in between what one gets from Ippudo and the generous Baikohken.

Now for the verdict. Let just say I wouldn't mind re-visiting or trying another flavor off the menu. At this point, I couldn't do much of a comparison with Marutama since that was quite a while ago, but these chicken based broth for ramen could probably be my number two in terms of favourites.

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