Friday, December 21, 2012

Indulging in some festive burgers from &Made

In other related news, I got suckered in by the promise of foie gras and lobster down in &Made. :p

How was it you ask? It was the same dry aged beef patty (still as good as I remember) from their B Burger that was retrofitted into their toasted sesame buns with options of either a surf and turf styled chopped lobster in mayo or a pan fried foie gras and some celeriac slaw. The former was poorly thought out since the flavors of the delicious beef masked all presence of the rather small portions of lobster. Honestly I was imagining a quarter or even half a roasted tail. That would have worked. Worked well!

On the brighter side, the foie gras topped burger was mouthwatering. I guess it had worked because there was enough of the liver to go around that their flavors oozed into the beef patty as you held them up between the buns and squeezed until the sandwich was short enough not to unhinge jaws. Decadent? Sure. The celeriac really was just texture.

And there was a hot caramel lava cake. Not bad, the supposed molten caramel heart didn't quite melt completely. Timing needs work. The crispy coated ice cream on the side was salted caramel.

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