Sunday, December 02, 2012

Omakase Burger, The Grandstand

Omakase Burger

I like the direction of that Omakase Burger (200 Turf Club Road, #01-05 The Grandstand, tel : +65 6763 2698) is heading. Which is making better burgers at a more affordable price point. While we're talking about them being more affordable, one has to remember these are by no means "standard fast food" kind of prices and them burgers were actually a tad small. YMMV. 

But what I enjoyed about them are their blend of ground USDA Choice beef grilled into a medium rare to medium patty which was flavourful and juicy to boot. The proportion of ingredients (mushrooms and onions!) with their deluxe cheeseburger was great as well while the salty melted American cheese came through it all between the soft buns they had used.

That being said, I thought there was certainly room for improvement. The soft buns were a little too porous and light that the juices from the patty would soak through and turn them soggy. Truffle oil saved their fries. Let's hope this becomes part of an ongoing trend to raise the "less expensive but still good" burger standards in this country.


red fir said...

Affordable? I think not. A meal with fries and drink can amount to more than $20++. Which makes it more worthwhile to dine at upscale places like &Made.

LiquidShaDow said...

My opinion of &Made is that it leans towards casual too. No? Yes, you're quite right about the cost. Minus the drink component, OB probably costs about a dollar more than &Made. Drinks cost more at the latter place.

So I guess that leaves Two Blur Guys as the only real cheaper option?