Friday, November 30, 2012

Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Wheelock Place

Here's a mixed beef pho from Nam Nam Noodle Bar down at the basement of Wheelock Place. Since I have not had pho in Vietnam before, I have no real basis for comparison except for those from the local Vietnamese joints. The broth was disappointing. One could say it was a little bland. Coming from Annam (and by that virtue, Les Amis as well), I had expected better. Sure the tripe was tasty and the miserable portions of sliced beef were nice and pink. But the briskets were rubbery and tough that I couldn't eat them at all. Is this how pho is suppose to taste like?

I would also recommend a pass on their Viet "drip coffee".  It didn't taste anything like it. I'm not sure I could bring myself back again even if I was curious about the bahn mi.

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