Friday, November 23, 2012

All'Arco, San Polo, Venice

Venice, All'Arco, cicchetti

This was a recommended joint (San Polo 436 | Calle Arco, Venice, tel : + 041 520 5666) to eat like a local for drinks and cicchetto, Venetian tapas which usually consisted of sliced crostini with any variety of toppings amongst other small bites. This was a uniquely Venice item to eat. No? The place looked like a small bar where one simply ordered what caught their fancy from the charcuterie, cheeses and bread with toppings that were available along with a spritz/beer/wine/prosecco.

What we picked from top left was prosciutto with sun dried tomatoes, a pungent Rocquefort with caramelized onions, a black truffle cheese paste of sorts with artichoke and the last, baccala that tasted like it was whipped with lard and bits of onions! It was just so easy to keep ordering more and more of these stuff to eat.

Venice, All'Arco

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