Monday, November 12, 2012

Pastificio, Via Della Croce, Rome

Rome, Pastificio, gnocchi pasta alla Grica
sitting on a bench in Piazza di Spagna

The catch that was Pastificio (Via Della Croce, 8, Rome) was that it was actually located a minute walk away from the Spanish Steps right in the midst of a touristy and pricey shopping district. What was the the big deal about that?  Lunch for €4 and that landed one a heaping plate of freshly made and cooked pasta with a packet of plastic cutlery & napkin and a plastic cup for self serviced water or wine!

The place, generically named....or unnamed makes and sells fresh pasta. At lunch, they serve an hour's worth of their freshly cooked goods on trays with two flavors of the day from 1 p.m. We reached the shop 10 minutes before 1 and a short queue was already forming up to the road on the outside. Early birds got to slot themselves into a corner of the shop with a stool while others have to eat outside or move elsewhere.

What we got today were tender and substantial gnocchi al pomodoro and what I understood to be their pasta alla Grica. Springy thick noodles with olive oil, black pepper, Percorino Romano and something awesomely flavorful of lard which I had assume to be fried bacon or guanciale.

No questions as to whether I'll attempt this again if I'm ever in the vicinity during lunchtime.

Rome, Pastificio

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