Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A panini alla porchetta al tartufo?

San Miniato, porchetta truffle sandwich

San Miniato is a town in the province of Pisa - a region in Tuscany. One can find out more about them from Wiki.

The reason we visited was because of the truffle fair that they hold in November. Motivation enough for a couple of hours drive out of Florence up a medieval town on the top of a little hill I guess. Anyways, here's a truffle infused pork sandwich gotten from the fair. There were several stalls hawking huge hunks of the porchetta al tartufo that were ready to be sliced and put in between bread on order.

San Miniato, salumi

No mention will be made from which stall in particular.  We couldn't tell. We just grabbled one (costed €7 each!) for the novelty and ate under the taupe shelter from the persistent rain that had been falling all day. The bread was cold and the crust very chewy. It would have benefitted from a toast. I thought the porchetta needed a bit more salt to bring out the flavour of both the pork and the truffle. Is there a particular stall that does them better than the others?

San Miniato, porchetta stand

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