Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gorgonzola Bacon Burger from Omakase Burger

Omakase Burger, gorgonzola bacon burger

So I got suckered again by the specials at Omakase Burger. This time round, it was their Gorgonzola bacon burger so I guess it's not my fault. I hadn't really read anything about it before ordering and as it turned out, it was a Gorgonzola cream cheese mousse rather than crumbs of the actual cheese And the bacon came in the form of crumbs that were scattered onto the cheese mousse rather than strips laid between the buns.

If you're wondering how it tasted, it the flavours of the blue cheese was really mild. I couldn't say that I could taste any of those bacon crumbs either. And I should have known that a mass market friendly place like them wouldn't have gone the whole nine yards with Gorgonzola. But then again, doing so would have really muted the flavours of their liquid steak oozing patty. Between the rock and a hard case then. Speaking of which, today's buns were a disintegrating mush by the time I got to the end of the burger. 

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