Saturday, October 25, 2014

Empress Place Beef Kway Teow, Toa Payoh Central

Empress Place Beef Kway Teow, tendon kuey teow

We stumbled upon this stall while getting Thai food at Toa Payoh. This beef noodle stall is located in the very same coffee shop. I've long heard of the famed Empress Place beef noodles, but have never gotten a chance to try them. Certainly didn't know that they had opened a branch at Toa Payoh. This beef noodle stall by the way, from the point of its founding, forms part of the legacy of the more well known Hock Lam beef noodle business. Story can be Googled so I won't be going into the details here.

How was it? This was a bowl of their rice noodle with tendons. It was not bad. I think I liked this. From what I could detect, there was just their broth, sesame oil and some of their chilli sauce that flavoured the kuey teow. Which was really the main reason why I was keen to give them a go as it didn't come with the regular brown starchy gravy that Hainanese beef noodles are usually topped with. This one is apparently, Teochew styled beef rice noodles. Their stewed tendons were soft that you could just slurp them.

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