Thursday, October 02, 2014

Meanwhile, somewhere along Portland Street...

364A Portland Street

It's not going to take Sherlock Holmes to figure out the location of this shop.

364A Portland Street, wanton mee

We've had wanton noodles a number of times at this shop. Twice in this trip alone. Their bowls were fuss free and quick. As usual, the noodles were characteristically wiry. 

364A Portland Street, wanton mee

Their wantons were no slouch as well.

364A Portland Street, wanton mee

Shrimp, minced pork and a light hit of sesame oil. Skin was light and the stuffings tasted fresh.

364A Portland Street, fei ngau mee

In a revisit, we tried their noodles with add on of fei ngau (thin sliced fatty beef). This was good stuff too.

364A Portland Street, wanton soup

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