Saturday, October 11, 2014

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

For Kee (Shop J-K., 200 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, tel : +852 2546 8947) has been memorable for me for various reasons. It's not so much of the fact that it's the go to place for many locals. It's partially because it's in a less touristy corner down at the Central/Sheung Wan region I remember being in. Mostly, it is likely due to the fact that we stumbled upon it purely by chance when we were staying at the Mid Levels some years back and hadn't a single clue what this shop was to the place. We just wanted to get food.

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), pork chop rice

Speaking of which, it was my first meal then as an adult in Hong Kong a few years back. My first milk tea here too. Any time before that time, was way far too far back for me to remember as a child. So this memory of recent years stay. And that their pork chops are really good. Crisp on the outside, respectable chew texture for the meat, savoury from the soy and the sweet from the sugar. I may not be local or a frequent enough visitor to eat with any regularity, but it still resonates a familiar hum of comfort. Especially with rice and molten yolk-ed fried egg. My words don't have to be taken as sole value for that. Just observe the crowd when you're there and watch what the locals order.

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), ice lemon tea

This now would be my first iced lemon tea in HK. Another first for me in this place. It's usually been milk tea but the weather was sweltering and I needed the citrus and ice. 

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), pork chop mai fan

This was an order mistake. Probably mine and I blame in on poor pronunciation on my part. Where the word 饭 inflected in a different tone (in this case 粉) could mean the difference between rice, or rice noodles. I wanted the former but got the latter. The pork chops tasted pretty much the same as the one with the rice except that these were cut to smaller bits. The rice noodles were however too greasy, tasteless and pretty damn lousy. I'm kinda sorry to have to say that for a place I liked.

For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐室), Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

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