Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Prata Place, Thong Soon Ave

I've seen this place around (1 Thong Soon Ave., tel : +65 6459 5670) but the first time I've actually visited was sometime in the past year to try their thosai stuffed with mozzarella cheese and portobello mushroom. It didn't leave much of impression at that time and my attention was drawn to them again recently because these guys were participating in the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014; a third year in participation for them. They were running with a dish that was essentially a prata based eggs Benedict with masala Hollandaise. No less.

The humble flatbread that originated from India, paratha, which was the predecessor of the local prata that we have today has evolved. Truly. The flatbread had survived a few decades as prata by the grace of the immigrants from India that had settled in this part of the world with little frills generally beyond eggs and onion until it further juiced up into the multi flavoured/stuffed pastry that we know from the past decade plus. Think Milo, cheeses, Nutella, bananas, condensed milk, chocolate sauce, canned fruit, ice cream and even more.

Today, I'm plunged my fork into an Ultimate Murtabak (their dish from the Hawker Fest two years back) with mozzarella cheese, portobello mushrooms, chopped onions, eggs and chunks of tandoori chicken. Check out the Frankenstein-ian patchwork we have done to that street eat. If anyone's wondering, it tasted pretty much as good as it sounded, but I'll have to remember to ask for no onions the next time. The large chunks of their onions didn't work for me because doneness was inconsistent due to the inconsistent sizes. But having the tandoori chicken in the murtabak rocked.

The other "contemporary flavour" we got was a red bean paste prata. Which resembled very closely the Chinese red bean pancake. Except that this one had a much thinner and crisp pastry skin and I think I liked it much better because of that. This was pretty unique as flavoured prata went since I don't think any of other shops do that. 

Will come by again another day but this would not a place I see myself coming to with frequency. There must be a ton of oil in the food, seeing that it also made me feel greasy after eating.

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Anonymous said...

I was just there on Sunday. and the egg prata was out of the world.