Saturday, November 29, 2014

Grilled cheese ramen from Buta God

This was the other seasonal cheese ramen that got my attention from my last visit to Buta God. I think it was cheddar that they used. Like the snow cheese, the portions of the cheese were moderated so as not to overwhelm the flavours of their broth. Meaning that while you could taste that cheese, you're not getting a whole load of them. The grilling helped impart additional flavour but this didn't dissolve like powdered Parmesan and hence, no even distribution. I did like the bits of melted cheese over the noodles and sliced pork. Today's soup tasted intense with very pronounced sweet and salty. The flavour of the broth felt really rich. I'm probably going to lay off Buta God for a while now that the sweetness has gotten to me.

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