Friday, November 21, 2014

Da Paolo Bistro Bar, Rochester Park

Da Paolo Bistro Bar, pea soup gorgonzola cream

This was the other Da Paolo (3 Rochester Drive, tel : +65 6774 5537) left today that's still a proper restaurant. The food is nothing much like their restaurants in the past. It's much easier to label what they do as generic European rather than specifically Italian. Of course, the lines blur these days.

Here's some pea soup with Gorgonzola cream and a tagliatelle with sweetbread ragu. That pea soup was surprisingly quite good. It was sweet, smooth and creamy; peppered and drizzled with light Gorgonzola cream and some chorizo. I enjoyed this. The real reason for me coming here was for their pasta with sweetbread ragu. Sweetbread is still a rarity here. I think there was mention of bone marrow in the sauce as well but I certainly didn't taste it. It wasn't bad. 

While I wouldn't say that I disliked the food here, I am pretty sure at this point and forward, Da Paolo will unlikely be a consideration for me if I'm feeling like Italian. Maybe it's the rental at Rochester. The portions were also a little small and prices a little high for those small portions. One can certainly venture guesses at their business goals from why those things are and the direction their food is taking.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar, tagliatelle sweetbread ragu

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