Saturday, January 03, 2015

Wong Kee Noodle, Depot Lane

This shop (Blk 118 Depot Lane) was an interesting find off the web that represents a break from the mindless monotony of local wanton noodles. The last of which in turn represents a facet of what is very wrong with the hawker identity today with most of the current stall owners doing what has been done for a long while without evolution. A sure sign of laziness or a lack of will simmering under a veneer of risk adversity (there are exceptions). Most of them run of the mill wanton noodles aren't even that great tasting 

Perfect cosmic alignment for the enactment of the Darwinian law.

But I digress, Wong Kee serves very decent wanton noodles. Coupled with the very good location, natural selection would not be harsh on them. In fact, the quality of their wanton are easily a few notches above the local garden variety - bearing more resemblance to those found in Hong Kong in size, filled with gristly minced pork. Not necessarily the best I've had, but the best should never be the enemy of the good. Their char siew was the variety that was more savoury than sweet and had what I considered to be sufficient prerequisite burnt ends to make a good char siew. At least mine had. 


Their mee pok had a good firmness. What differentiated their noodle offerings were the spinach and tomato variety. The latter (those red ones) was served with their house made tomato sauce which I was sure I had tasted oregano in them.

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