Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lime House, Jiak Chuan Road

Lime House, Jiak Chuan Road

Lime House (2 Jiak Chuan Road, tel : +65 6222 3130) is possibly the only Caribbean establishment of any sort on our shores. They were set up a few years ago as a bar/restaurant by a native from the Caribbeans who has gotten himself rooted in this part of the world while churning out the flavours of food from this hometown. To that, they have survived for half a decade. Not something to be scoffed at here. We were here to try their food.    

Lime House, goat curry

I've been eyeing that goat curry of theirs since I've read about it. Not curry as we South East Asian know it from part of the word. It would probably come across here as a sort of stew flavoured with plenty of spices. Yes, it was good. More on that later.

Lime House, plantains lemon lime slaw

We topped up with an order of lemon lime slaw and plantains. The former wasn't as refreshing as the name might have suggested. While the lime was definitely going on in the slaw, it wasn't impactful as a flavour component. Plantains were unexpectedly sweet. I remembered those things to be dry and textured like sweet potatoes but these weren't that sort. They were rather tasty if a little greasy.

Lime House, hot sauce

There was a hot sauce made with Scotch bonnet chilli. I thought it completed that goat curry. The sauce packed respectable heat but was not very spectacular by itself. When mixed with the curry, it added a noticeable kick that elevated the complexity of the said curry bringing the flavour up by a couple of notches.

Lime House, spiced banana cake

Dessert was a spiced banana cake. We were imagining something moist but this was dry and crumbly. They also ran out of the honey and fig ice cream that was mentioned and gave us chocolate instead. We didn't dislike it, but it's nothing we'd come back for.

Lime House, Jiak Chuan Road

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