Friday, March 01, 2024

Sin Hoi Sai on the day of 人日

Sin Hoi Sai, Tiong Bahru

The title of this post puts this on 16th of February if anyone was wondering. Came back to Sin Hoi Sai a bit sooner than we expected. I probably have mentioned previously, the fact that they're available in the late hours makes them a viable option at times.

Sin Hoi Sai, sambal petai

Succumbed yet again to the sambal petai. 😬 We were getting white rice today and this was just the no brainer for us. A no brainer we've always enjoyed.

Sin Hoi Sai, coffee pork ribs

Some sweet smoky coffee ribs which we're ordering from them for the first time. The meat from the rib was deep fried before being tossed in that dark sauce (with coffee presumably) for a coat of sweet caramelization. Don't expect fall off the bone tenderness for these - there's a bit of crisp with lots of bite to the meat.

Sin Hoi Sai, kong bao bullfrog 宫保田鸡

First time also with their kong bao frogs. The gravy was also a little smokey with a bit of heat from the dried chilli and a hint of ginger. But there wasn't any of the sweetness I was expecting. This rendition was mostly savoury. Was a little thrown off initially but as we ate, that gravy grew on us. Frogs were slurp off the bone tender.

Sin Hoi Sai, Tiong Bahru

With the sambal petai and kong bao frog, one bowl just felt like it wasn't enough.

Sin Hoi Sai, Tiong Bahru
Sin Hoi Sai, Tiong Bahru

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