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Tanamera Coffee, Rodyk Street

Tanamera Coffee, Rodyk Street

Breakfast by the river at Tanamera Coffee (8 Rodyk Street, #01-01/02, tel : +65 9145 8171). So to speak.

Tanamera Coffee, Rodyk Street

Have seen them here for a while but we've never actually understood what differentiated Tanamera Coffee until we went to the branch at Tanglin Mall.

Tanamera Coffee, matcha latte

I recalled liking their dirty matcha. While it should taste the same, I have the impression that the previous one I got had a better coffee flavour.

Tanamera Coffee, americano

Americano's kinda sour. There's also an aftertaste from their brew that one gets from soya sauce or fermented beans(dao jio). 

Tanamera Coffee, tahu tempe goreng

Tahu tempe goreng which was good munching with their kecap manis sambal concoction thingy.

Tanamera Coffee, goreng pisang

We found out that these guys fry a pretty mean goreng pisang as well. The bananas here were halved and battered. Great tangy sweetness from the pisang raja. Gonna get these again if/when we come back.

Tanamera Coffee, ayam bubor

Chicken porridge was not outstanding. It was simple. Like something many would think shouldn't cost more than a couple of dollars kind of simple. I find it strange that it was served just lukewarm and not piping hot. Dough fritters did not taste like the regular kind we're used to.

Tanamera Coffee, big breakfast

That's their Big Breakfast 2.0. Not bad. Beef kofta would benefit from a bit more salt. Beans were quite delicious. But they were slightly chilled - which I thought was odd because I expected them to be warm. Kinda enjoyed the minty lamb sausages. Enjoyed the sweet caramelized onions. They were pretty generous with the beef bacon which were pretty chewy and not as smokey or salty as I imagined they would be. 

Was there anything that could have been better? Sure. Getting fried eggs with molten yolk like the menu shows would have been the least the could do for those. ðŸ˜ž

Tanamera Coffee, Rodyk Street
Tanamera Coffee, Rodyk Street

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