Monday, April 11, 2011

Sabar Menanti, Kandahar Street

I hadn't realized that this place (48 Kandahar Street, tel : +65 6396 6919) had been visited by Anthony Bourdain until very recently. So says too his little photograph behind the cashier counter at the front of the restaurant.

That aside, the food here was pretty damn good in a hearty sort of way. Good enough to send me to a coma shortly after lunch from the extra portions of rice made necessary by the rich and savory/spicy gravies which I had found hard to resist.

I'm talking about the heart clogging creamy goop from the ayam rendang and the spicily flavorful and rich tasting gravy from the ayam obor. Not to be overlooked as well, was the beef rendang, redolent in the aromas of coconut and and char aroma which I suspiciously felt came from the black (and what looked like burnt) bits. This I'm sure, was certainly enough reasons for one to request for more than one portion of their modestly portioned rice.

I have to mention that their frills free (only potato and nothing else) begedil was really good too. Will try to make a trip down another day.

ayam rendang

ayam opor

paru goreng

stir fried long beans?


some tasty omelete

pretty awesome beef rendang

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ice said...

Try the ikan bakar (grilled fish with sweet kecap manis topped with red & green chilis & chopped raw onions) next time. It's very awesome, but sells out pretty fast. Then ask for their sambal balado (red sambal) and sambal lado mudo (green sambal) to go with your rice. Those sambal chilis are even more awesome. And yes, their begedil is darn good.

Chendol is worth a try. Me loves the sambal terung (eggplant).