Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You & Mee, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok

This was a casual cafe (494 Rajdamri Road, Grand Hyatt Erawan Lower Lobby, 10330 Bangkok, Thailand, tel : +66 2 254 1234) that we hit for a quick lunch after we've checked into our hotels. As some may surmise from the name of the place, it does noodles and quite a lot of it judging from the menu. That was mostly what was available.

I got a bowl of their beef kuey teow in thick soup. I suppose it was pretty decent bowl of beef rice noodles with salty meatballs and a savory sweetish broth which perked up from the dried chilli powder condiment that they had provided on each table. What made this regular bowl of beef noodles noticeably more enjoyable was the little dishes of deep fried pork rinds which they had provided. These fried bits were crispy and surprisingly light tasting and made good add on to soak up the broth for extra flavor and texture.

I probably wouldn't mind coming back again if I'm in the vicinity. Even if it's just for their thick and pulpy cantaloupe juice.

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