Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The mentaiko cabbage redemption at Keria Japanese Restaurant

We didn't plan for this particular trip back to Keria. It was truly happenstance. Apparently, we were remembered for the feedback regarding their mentaiko cabbage the last time (which was but two days back) and we were assured that it was a lapse that occured during their busy hours and that it would not happen today. So we said yes.

Otoshi for the day was.....erm, something made with chopped florets of cauliflower and broccoli with Japanese mayo and mentaiko. Very tasty.

So there. Mentaiko cabbage redeemed. I'm glad that there was no change in chef or anything drastic of that sort.

We also dug the lamb chops from that last visit and since it wasn't permanent on the menu, more was in order. Pun intended. Today's chops were marginally more done than the last time but they were still delicious.

Since mentaiko was in season, I thought why not a mentaiko cream pasta spiked with a little bit of shiso? This was nicely done with just enough cream for a dry cling onto the noodles without being excessively rich. A much better rendition than many out there. 

For the eagled eyed, yes, it was mentaiko on the rice with the curry. The remnants from the cabbage that I thought should not have gone to waste.

We got ourselves some shima aji sashimi which came after all the flavourful servings of food. I noticed that their wasabi was a mixture of the freshly grated variety and the paste product. It has a nice sweetness and the fibres from the grated root and the nasal ripping kick from the paste. Kinda nice but also rather overwhelming if it had been used on a light fish.

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