Sunday, May 13, 2018

I Want My Noodle, Shaw Centre

I've heard of these guys (#03-14/15 Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, tel : +65 6235 2331) and their daily made egg noodles for a while now so curiosity finally got the better of me.

I Want My Noodle, ba chor mee

Tried their ba chor mee which was quite a close rendition to traditional bowls. There's fried lard and vinegar in the bowl to keep the flavours interesting while the egg added some richness. I liked the little heat from the chilli too. It wasn't an exact replica for flavour but it wasn't bad at all. Interestingly, one of the things that kept them tasting like a real bowl of bcm was their egg noodles which doesn't exist in any bowls anywhere else and those noodles were actually pretty good.

I Want My Noodle, char siew

Unfortunately, the $3.80 add on char siew wasn't worth the money and came in sad portions.

I Want My Noodle, truffle noodles

There was a bowl of truffle noodles on the menu. The flavour was tired and those truffle oil that they used tasted especially artificial.  

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