Thursday, May 10, 2018

Murugan Idli Shop has shifted

Murugan Idli Shop, Syed Alwi Road

We hadn't been back to this area in a while and realized that things have changed. There's a bunch of restaurants we hadn't seen before. Raj is gone. For a moment, we had also thought that Murugan Idli Shop had folded until we realized that they've relocated down the road less a minute's walk away (76 Syed Alwi Road). At where Raj used to be.

Murugan Idli Shop, ghee onion uttapam

We did get the obligatory idli. On top of that also a delicious ghee onion uttapam. Nice buttery greasiness with the fragrance of pan toasted onions and their tasty chutneys. So now we know what else is good here.

Murugan Idli Shop, mini meal

I've seen these mini meals around for ages and have wondered what went into them. Later on I understood that they were just a variety of the flavoured rice plus a little something on the side. This had some curried tomato thing, raita and achar. I've tried their lemon rice previously and this mini meal happened to have pretty much all the rest. The sambar rice (right below the papadum) was savoury and delicious while the tamarind rice was appetizing. I believe that sweet at the bottom right was some rice kesari bath/bhath.

Note to self : There's coriander in their curd rice.

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