Sunday, May 27, 2018

And it ended with uni don and coffee jelly at Keria Japanese Restaurant

Keria Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

Dinner at Keria. Look, a little dish with a sunfish painted on!

Keria Japanese Restaurant, otoshi

The otoshi today was boiled chicken stuffed with leeks in ponzu. I'm not sure if stuffed would be an accurate description since it really looked like a roulade where the meat was rolled up with the leeks. The meat had a nice chicken-y flavour.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, mentaiko cabbage

Tonight's mentaiko cabbage was off. There wasn't any of that smoky aroma that normally came with the dish and it was a little too wet. We left a feedback because we felt that they needed to know.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, white asparagus

Seemed that Keria was also in the white asparagus game. These were served chilled with Japanese mayo.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, hotate sashimi

Followed by some nice scallop-y hotate sashimi.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, lamb chops

We saw that there were lamb chops on the menu. These were pretty damned good. The doneness was about medium well but the meat was tender and juicy even - unadulterated except for a bit of salt and pepper. The leftover juices was a great add on to the salad.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, hon maguro negitoro temaki

Next up were the hon maguro negitoro temaki. Yum!

Keria Japanese Restaurant, uni don

Followed up by uni don. The creamy sea urchins were sweet and delicious.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, coffee jelly

And as promised, it ended with coffee jelly. Another satisfying meal.

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