Monday, May 21, 2018

Revisiting Paste at Gaysorn

Bangkok, Paste, Gaysorn

We were here at Paste last year just shortly before the Michelin Guide announced their results for Bangkok and awarded them a star. Nothing much seemed to have changed but we were informed that it would be difficult to get a table by the window without reservations these days.

Bangkok, Paste, bael juice

Same welcome drink of bael juice. 

Bangkok, Paste, smokin heat

This was a tasty cocktail called Smokin' Heat. Clove smoked bourbon with apple juice, lime, elderflower liqueur and chilli. There was something in the flavour that reminded me of nutmeg but with so many ingredients, I couldn't be sure. It was good though.

Bangkok, Paste, amuse bouche

Amuse bouche was smoked mackerel in cashew nut leaf topped with jamon and caviar.

Bangkok, Paste, watermelon ground salmon salad

We liked the watermelon and ground salmon salad from the last time that we ordered it again.

Bangkok, Paste, river prawns

grilled river prawn wrapped with mulberry leaf, northern pepper-berry & topped with seasonal ants eggs - This was awesome. Quite a mix of delicious flavours going on so it's a little difficult to describe. Those ants eggs tasted like Rice Krispies.

Bangkok, Paste, japanese black cod

Japanese black cod poached in duck lard with white turmeric, roasted sesame, Chinese wine and superior stock - Cod was buttery, tender and delicious with what tasted like a tangy dashi based broth that we drained. We certainly couldn't tell that it had been poached in duck lard.

Bangkok, Paste, green curry

green curry of wild mushroom, palm heart, pea eggplant & white turmeric - Pretty good green curry that left me spooning mouth after mouth of it like a soup. We could also taste that it was a lighter rendition than the usual green curry that we have had since it didn't have meat.

Bangkok, Paste, Massaman lamb curry

Massaman lamb curry with young Mhon Thong durian, Thai cardamom and dried coconut apple - Another kickass nutty/sweet/spicy that perfectly paired with steamed rice. The delicious lamb would have been fall of the bone tender if there was any bone in there to fall off.

Bangkok, Paste, coffee

Some coffee - again unsuccessfully deployed to ward off the post lunch coma.

Bangkok, Paste, chocolate

Some petit fours of Valrhona chocolate with Thai rum. I preferred the truffles from the previous time over these.

Bangkok, Paste, Gaysorn

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