Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chicken rice from Amarin Plaza foodcourt

Bangkok, Amarin Plaza foodcourt, chicken rice

I like the food court at Amarin Plaza (496-502 Ploenchit Road). There are quiet moments where one can enjoy a meal and the variety there is a match with many a street food locale around the city. There's a decent khao kha moo stall which I like and yes, this chicken rice which came with extra serving of blood curds came at a princely sum of 50 baht. 

Same price as the popular ones at Pratunam which everyone else is talking about and I suppose I appreciate the fact that we could eat with less discomfort here instead. I couldn't compare since I haven't actually tried those stalls at Pratunam (I'll get to them someday) but this plate was a pretty decent eat we couldn't complain about. I seem to be also getting a hang of their chilli-ed/vinegar-ed dark soy sauce.

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