Monday, May 28, 2018

Popeye's Aloha Rendang Chicken

I had these Aloha rendang chicken twice over the past month. The ones at the bottom were supposed to have extra rendang and pineapple. Didn't look very much different from the ones above without the extra sauce/salsa and both looked not so much like their lying posters.

But I had them twice because I kinda liked the combination of flavours. Even though it was just enough for a couple of bites per piece of the bird. 

It's just too bad that their chicken seemed to be shrinking and the quality didn't feel like those from their yesteryears. The garlic rice was dried out from being heated in the troughs and it would be a great idea to put in more elbow grease on that parts distribution so that a three piece doesn't get two drumsticks unless requested for.

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