Saturday, May 05, 2007

Aburiya, Holland Village

AburiyaWhat I liked about these self help grills (specifically for beef) is that I get to decide how I want the meat done. It's also easier to tell if the meat is good. Not to mention that you need only cook them when you want them. Freshly cooked cannot get fresher than that. The downside was dealing with the oil fumes and the cloying scent that clung onto your clothes. Not something that I want after I have eaten.

Aburiya (17E Lorong Liput) is one of those Japanese/Korean? shops for grilled meats. I'm not sure if they're just Japanese since they do bibimbap and have a bunch of other kimchi stuff besides the meat and some seafood for the charcoal grill.


jo karubi (short prime rib)

jo rosu (loin)

hotate butteryaki

wagyu ishiyaki chahan

Between tare and shio dressing on the meat, I favour shio (salt/pepper) since it allows the flavour of the beef to be appreciated instead of being masked. The wagyu ishiyaki chahan arrived in a hot stone bowl and is mixed at the table with curry and spicy sauce. The result was steaming hot, sticky and flavourful with the spice. Heat was manageable though. The portions were also huge. I was surprised by the ginger in there. Now I know it'll be something I'm avoiding if I ever come back.

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jialard said...

looking forward to your post on aburiya..... we had a great experience there the last time...
Hope it was as good for you too.