Saturday, May 12, 2007

From the creators of Heartstoppers, comes a not so heart stopping entry...

I'm not a cook. In fact, I barely qualify as a regular person who has some cooking skills. The same can be said for my brother, so when there's things in the fridge and we want to eat something, we just make do with what we have at disposal. This time round, it's an omelette of sorts with ham and feta cheese. Yep, feta cheese. 2 eggs, a few cubes of feta cheese and bits of ham. We use a mini frying pan (pre-heated) because they're easier to clean. You can also pre-fry the bits of ham on the pan to oil the base.

It starts to cook from here. The eggs can be or not beaten. It's really your call.

Do note that if you're using a tiny pan, 2 eggs pretty much fill it up. Because of the volume of the contents, the insides tend to cook slower so what you can do is lift up the edges of the cooked egg and let the runny parts spill over and get their turn on the hot pan. Doesn't take a lot of skill to do that.

Of course there reaches a point, where you have to flip the omelette to cook the topside. With a small pan like that, you would need acrobatic precision. Otherwise, I prefer to use a plate to transfer, then flip it back onto the pan from the plate. It's really a non-dexterous solution that non cooking people think of. Not rocket science.

This is where I say "Tada!!!"

Feta cheese melted in the omelette tastes like a strong cream cheese, so there's nothing weird or unpleasant about it. It adds quite a bit of cheesy flavor to the omelette which if you have noticed, does not come prescribed with salt from my instructions. The cheese and ham is really enough sodium. It'll probably do better with some pepper, sliced mushrooms and diced tomatos, but I didn't have those and it would have been much more trouble.

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