Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another attempt at homemade burgers!

In the beginning there was just......

270 grams of hand chopped flank steak

And then, there was chopped onions...

I said, "Let there be pepper!"

Brought together through hot oil and iron.

A bond was formed between them.

Nature found her way and the shape was realised.

As with all things, there was trial by fire.

The fire was a tad strong.

Allies came forth to...

...share the heat.

Culture came along and from the primeval sludge rose...

Man it sure was a lot of effort.

One became two.

And of course, there were more.

To the same horrifying end they all went.
Man that was a lot of work. It was backbreaking sweat being a creator. Not to mention the Creator. From the arduous chopping of the steak and onions to the shaping of the patties. There was the part on addition of a half egg and breadcrumbs into the patty mix that I didn't manage to get into photo. I was hoping that they would work serve as a better binding agent for the meat. The end still resulted in a patty that wasn't firm enough, though it tasted much better than my previous attempts. This time round, it was very juicy too. I actually forgot about the salt so the patty tasted more bland than I would have liked. It was about 2 hours worth of preparation that was eaten up in 10 minutes. Phew!


Anonymous said...

To make the meat firm you have to put abit of corn flour

The Hungry Cow said...

That must have been one big burger cook-out that still left humour intact. :p

Eugene said...

Actually for patties, its better to mince the meat yourself. Freshly minced meat just binds better. No doubt there would be more work involved though.

Unknown said...

to bind them better, use egg and bread crumbs.. not corn flour.

MystiKaL said...

I bring burger patties to every party i go to. Recently at my bday party i finally found the best way to have bbq'ed burgers. The trick is to (using a sieve) get as much blood out of the meat as possbile. This gets it into this very thick styrofoamy consistency, then you go crazy with whatever flavouring you want to use. I always use dry seasoning. Cold storage offer a decent variety at their steak counter. I was doing this the night before the bbq, and as i lay the patties down in thetrays and before i cling wrap them, drizzled a generous amount of olive oil over them.

Perfect bbq ready patties :D

LiquidShaDow said...

That means, I will have to squeeze the meat after I chop em to get rid of the access blood? Wouldn't that deprive the patty of the juices?

LiquidShaDow said...

These are hand chopped flank steak for the meat.

there were egg white and breadcrumbs.

MystiKaL said...

well.. i'm honestly not sure about handchopped meat. I used store bought minced beef... If you do not get rid of the blood you're gonna have a real tough time on the grill.. also be removing most of the blood.. i felt safe to pur in a generous amount of beer into mix and olive oil on the final grilling..

beer or blood? :P Still juicy mate :D

LiquidShaDow said...

I'll go for the blood. Heh, beer cooked things never left enough of the taste of the beer for me, so I'll just drink them instead of using them to cook.