Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lunch @ Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket at Hangout Hotel (10a Upper Wilkie Road) wasn't an easy place to find. Even with the aid of a mp, it was a much longer walk than I had expected up Mt Emily. The restaurant looked much nicer in pictures that I saw online than in reality. Sort of reminded me of Jaan. Anyways, there is a lunch 3 course here at $26++ that comes with a starter, a main and a dessert. I'm here today for the Wild Rocket Burger which is only available for lunch.

salad grilled aubergine, baby spinach and yasai dressing

deep fried soft shell crab with sweet thai chilli sauce

The starters for their lunch menu looked meh but since it came with lunch, we picked something. Those grilled aubergines are pretty much what they looked like. I had initially thought that the soft shell crab looked to be another boring item. To my surprise it was pretty good. Instead of being dried out, greasy logged and chewy, this was actually juicy and quite meaty. Quite impressed. I was thinking of just how much more unimaginative it could have gotten with their sweet Thai chilli sauce that was so cliche. That sauce was not bad with the crab. Never always trust what you think you know from the menus. Lol!

behold the Wild Rocket Burger

I liked this and I can see the possibility where I might just trek up this place to eat it again. The burger looked in real life a little smaller than I imagined, but the patty was thick like how I saw them in pictures. Any thicker, I wouldn't have been able to fit it into my mouth. It was so juicy that each bite I made had to be accompanied with the sucking of all the leaking juices that trickled down my chin. Damn juiciest burger I've ever had. The only condiments in it were sun dried tomato relish, some light mustard and sprigs of wild rocket. The sides that come with the burger are some token salad and papadum.

Desserts were a mixed bag with a very good "fresh Pandan infused" panna cotta with gula melaka taking lead over a much less interesting chilled black glutinous rice topped with coconut ice cream. I'm not too sure what to make out of the fresh pandan infusion since I've never actually had it before but the panna cotta did have a very distinctive flavour from the pandan leaf that can almost be described as 'invigorating'. On it's own, I thought it stood out well. The gula melaka was definitely an icing on the top. It wasn't overly sweet and was fragrant with crunchy bits of crystals. Nothing too heavy. The glutinous rice on the other hand I found uninteresting. The hint of coconut in the ice cream was barely discernible. Nothing special.

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