Sunday, May 13, 2007

Buckaroo, Andrews Avenue

If you're wondering where on earth is Andrews Avenue, it's one of the lanes off Sembawang Road.

The place (12B Andrews Avenue Singapore 759930) is BBQ and grill setup like Blooies with a much smaller menu and there wasn't any air conditioning. Floor was layered with rickety wooden floorboards and ventilation was by fan only. Food reminded me of Outback Steakhouse with their ribs and fried onions and steak and whathaveyous. I have mixed feelings about this place. The draw for me was that there's Hoegaarden on tab and there have Strongbow. It is secluded in a rather remote spot surrounded by private residences. Their food which came in pretty large portions here weren't what I would consider competitively priced. The ribs and fish & chips were passable in taste. Nothing exceptional.

Hefty's a good word to describe the fish & chips ($22.90). Was the largest single brick of fried fish in batter I've come across. Yes, brick. Not only was it clad with a thick batter, the fish on the inside was substantial too. For obvious reasons, it made one feel greasy at the end. I thought it was quite pricey.

Not likely to come back for various reasons. Inaccessibility would be one. The other being $93.30 for the above and 2 Hoegaardens. The experience just didn't justify what they charged. And I know of better/cheaper places for beer.

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