Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, 370 East Coast Road

I presume this to be another one of the stores that made their claim to fame back in the original location where they started off. There's so many of these supposedly famous noodle stores that I don't really take stock in whatever claims they make anymore. As long as they're good, I guess people will always flock through word of mouth. This prawn mee place attracts a pretty large crowd that dwarfs the Chai Chee Noodle Village place a few units down the road. For a prawn and a half and some pieces of pork ribs, this $8 bowl of prawn mee (which uses a mix of regular yellow noodle and the thick bee hoon) is pretty expensive. To be fair, the prawns are fresh tasting and the flesh is easily stripped off the shells. The soup base for the noodle is flavorful, though I think I recall having had better. What I don't know is whether the better one from my hazy memory contains MSG.

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