Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brasserie Wolf, Robertson Quay

Good friend of mine brought up a point to ponder over our dinner at Brasserie Wolf. We were just making dinner conversation over the quality of gula melaka and the first squeeze of coconut milk for good chendols, over Jimmy Chok's dinners over at the Academy Bistro and my fetish for wanting to take on the largest burger on the menu whenever we go out and have dinner. The salient point to ponder was that, amidst the sea of dialogue which was mostly food related, nothing ventured into to the topic of the food we were eating at Brasserie Wolf. Good friend said it spoke volumes of the impression we had of the restaurant. I didn't have anything to disagree with that. Maybe that's just us.

Brasserie Wolf was a very spacious bistro...that plays techno music. Felt like a mismatch but it is what it is. Service was very prompt. The food was far from compelling. I've heard some good things mentioned about this place but on hindsight didn't think it as good as what I've heard.

french onion soup with comte cheese

escargots in garlic butter

Their onion soup was served piping hot and heavily draped with cheese. So much that it was a trial of dexterity trying to finish the soup navigating endless strands of the melted cheese. It turned out quite heavy for soup. Didn't taste so much of the onion as much as the sweetness. I suppose I might have enjoyed it much better if it wasn't for the sweltering evening humidity. Escargots arrive hot and full of chew but tasted only of the garlic. 

The grilled tenderloin was probably the salvation of the dinner. I'm not much of a fan of their Bearnaise which I left mostly untouched. The meat was uniformly grilled with a crusty charred surface. The meat on the inside was tender as it should be. Medium rare came out more of a medium to me for this one. This piece of steak also for some reason reminded me of the Argentinian beef I had once. If I had to complain, I suppose the meat was a little dry. While this isn't specifically the yardsticks of French restaurants in general, it does imply the skill or care in the preparation that the kitchen makes. Overall was very passable food but I wasn't too impressed.

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