Sunday, July 29, 2007

Philadelphia fish & chips, Fish & Co @ Paragon

There's usually not much that's compelling for me at Fish & Co. The food standards like many restaurant chains have spiralled downwards. Their regular fish and chips (quite decent) and the seafood platter for two are probably the only items that I would come for and honestly, it probably wouldn't keep me coming back for much longer. Lately, I've discovered that the one at Paragon serves some items that are exclusive only to that outlet. That's what the Philadelphia fish & chips is about, stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese which sounded interesting. It looked pretty much like the NY version or the regular one. The difference was just the cheese.

Fish & Co, philadelphia fish & chips

The resultant flavour was a little different from what I had thought. This was something that's probably worth checking out once, not something I'd be keen to come back for. On another note, the seafood platter here looked to have bigger prawns and the shellfish are scallops instead of the usual mussels. I'm not sure if that's something just from this outlet or things have changed.

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APLINK said...

u can also get this at Fish & co Parkway Parade...delicious !!!