Thursday, July 26, 2007

the muse and the wild oat

Ever bar hopped for food? Well, bar food to be exact. I just did and the inspiration rose after chancing upon one of the entries by a local food blogger on a couple of locations that looked like they do pretty good bar food. The talk about days being filled with dealing with self-serving, obtuse lunkheads whom you’d rather be smacking in the back of the head with a baguette rather than working with rang peals of resonant notes in me. Or was it psychotic laughter. I get confused. As did the idea telling certain people what I think of them and the mention of stiff drinks. Lol. So I decided, why not take them on in a single fell swoop on a not so fell night.

Muse Bar at the National Museum was a place that I would never think about visiting if not for the article. Just not atypical of somewhere I would hang out. Menu turned out pretty decent. I hope these places mark the beginning of an era better bar food. The mini prawn laksa burritos were pretty good. There was really identifiable laksa flavour in the fried rolls. Not the most robust of its kind but was however definitive of laksa. 

Following which were the duo of mini burgers along with curried chicken wings. The mini burgers were quite decent tasting - the patties were actually dripping with juices.. The curried chicken wings had a soft and damp batter but commendable seasoning which made it moderately spicy and salty at the same time. The mojitos here were really bad. To be a bit more specific, it was a so damn lime-y with no mint and little hint of rum kind of bad.

Wild Oats (emily hill, 11 upper wilkie road, next door to Wild Rocket) in comparison was a much better spot to chill with friends than Muse was. There's more outdoor seats and the drink selection didn't look as dull. The ambience was much more pleasant me and I appreciated the non-intrusive music. Would probably re-visit. Tonight it's just for their bar food and a couple of drinks. Before I forget, I needed to mention that the Hoegaarden they served was probably the most chilled glass of the beer I've ever had. It was "more chilled than Ice Cold Beer" kind of cold and the glass wasn't even frosted to boot. Awesome but rather pricey at $12 for a half pint. Am genuinely curious how they got it so chilled.

The parmesan wings here features Gorgonzola sauce and chicken rice chilli sauce. Gorgonzola sauce was far too weak. The taste barely registered. The chilli however packed a kick which was a pleasant surprise. Something I could come back for. Feta cheese, tofu and spinach wanton sounded intriguing but there's a slip up with the cheese. I can't imagine not being able to taste feta cheese in a wanton that is suppose to contain feta cheese. The other other fillings were just tofu and spinach so how could the feta cheese flavour not come through unless there was none?What I didn't expect from the wanton was that the dominant flavour was actually tofu.

Got myself a pear cider. Very mundane kind of cider flavour and I couldn't tell it was from pear. I'll be back for the hot bitches the next time!

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D said...

Hey mate,
Thanks for that rather lengthy comment. New York is pretty much the same as I remembered her to be. I'll be based here for at least a year. I do like Singapore and wish to return to call her home once again but you never with things sometimes aye?
Foodblogging is a weird thing.. sometimes I don't know if I'm driving the blog or she's driving me, you know what I mean? Haha. Oh well, all the best in your future as well and I'll still continue to read all the Singapore foodblogs. Make a list for a welcome back rampage haha!