Monday, July 23, 2007

Hansang, Square 2

Hansang, Square 2
Hansang, banchanStarting to get the hang of and liking some of these Korean places. Especially those with the bottomless banchans. Something to keep the mouth busy with is much appreciated when you're hungry and waiting. With only one other experience, my thoughts were that Togi serves better banchan than Hansang (Square 2, #03-32 to 35/40 to 44). Service on a quiet Sunday evening was snappy and polite. Snappy meant that things were done fast in case you were wondering. They have a light Korean beer that goes by Hite which claims to be made from natural fresh water and thus providing a fresh taste. Wow! Lol. Maybe the reason that I don't visit Korean places often is because the menu tends to look very similar most of the time. Perceived or real, I'm under the impression that their food is generally same everywhere. Maybe I just haven't gotten to appreciate the subtleties of their cuisine. If such a word is applicable for that. Hansang, bulgogiThe bulgogis were difficult to differentiate. Each one that I've had tasted similar to one another and that was that all there was to them for me. One can try so much bulgogi before the taste wears thin. Even though the ones here were better than those supposed Korean food stalls in food courts, there doesn't to be much difference. What I found myself liking at Hansang was that they did a very nice beef rib soup. In spite of its bland appearance, the soup was flavoursome. The meat from the ribs slid off the bone. I recommend this. The other thing I liked here was the rice which were steamed with root vegetables. There was a slice of carrot, some sweet potato, a piece of pumpkin and interestingly a date. The rice that stayed piping hot up to the last mouthful.

Hansang, beef rib soupbeef rib soup

Hansang, rice

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